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Extreme Power “Soot Yord Palung” Gym is a Traditional School of Muay Thai. We’re actually the ‘Only’ Traditional Muay Thai gym in all of San Diego county. Traditional means, old school hard core instruction, guidance and training-No fluff!?…

Yes my gym/school is a business, however, student learning is my biggest priority!.. 95% of my students couldn’t care less about actually competing for belts and trophies. Those that seek me out are the serious types of students that want to learn real Muay Thai and or USA Amateur Boxing, for personal reasons.


Muay Thai

Muay Thai is an ancient Competition fighting and self defense.

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Amateur boxing

USA boxing training for competition as well as self defense and conditioning.

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School brochure

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What's happening at our Muay Thai camp

It doesn't matter if you are a green as grass beginner or a world class professional in Muay Thai. I'm a master instructor of Muay Thai. I've produced 2 world class Muay Thai professional Champion/fighters, 4 Semi-Pro National Amateur Champions and 15 Amateur Muay Thai Champions, by myself.

It's a very family oriented environment here. We all get along very well. I set the tone. Nonsense and disrespect is not tolerated, AT ALL!!!...

Sawasdee khab _/|\_

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