Ruben Rowell Jr.

Seua Dahm 9th Khan Adjarn (Master)

Ruben has recently received the highest level of Certification in Muay Thai from the (USMTA), United States Muay Thai Association.

It is endorsed by the (WMC) World Muay Thai Council, in Bangkok Thailand, which ‘is’ the highest governing body of our sport, Muay Thai.



Ron Dinicola

16 year student, Cornerman/Cutman, Advanced student, Asst. Instructor


Kier Rivera

Assistant Cornerman, Semi-Pro Amateur and Assistant Instructor

Doug Pham

Advanced Student/ Assistant Instructor



2015 ♦ Certified as an IKF Judge for Amateur Muay Thai competition.

2015 ♦ Certified as a USMTA (United States Muay Thai Association) Judge for Amateur and Professional Muay Thai competition.

2013♦ Certified by Black Tiger Muay Thai, Adjarn (Master) 9th Khan Kru.

2012 ♦ Certified Judge of Pro/Am Muay thai World Wide by the WBC Muay Thai and WCK.

2009 ♦ Certified by Black Tiger Muay Thai, Chief Instructor (8th Khan Kru).

2001 ♦ Certified by the United World Muay Thai Association.

1998 ♦ Certified by the National Aerobic and Fitness Trainers Association as a strength trainer.

1998 ♦ Certified by the International Sports Science Association as a Youth fitness trainer.

1997 ♦ Certified by ISSA as a specialist in Martial Arts conditioning.

1997 ♦ Certified Advanced Instructor of Muay Thai in Galaxy Gym in Bangkok, Thailand.

1997 ♦ Certified by ISSA as a Certified Fitness Trainer-1. Knowledge and Proficiency equal to that of a Masters Degree of fitness science.

1995 ♦ Certified at Black Tiger School of Thai Boxing as a Black Sash Instructor, by Kru Vince Soberano. 2-time Professional North American Muay Thai Champion.

1992 ♦ Certified 1st degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. (United Martial Arts College)

1988-1998 ♦ U.S. Marine Corps Hand to hand Combat Instructor (Honorably Discharged/REIA).

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